• mrholcomb

Sweat the Small Stuff

Updated: Mar 11

One of the most important parts of preparing your rental property is cleaning. If your property is not clean, your tenant will notice. This means more than vacuuming and mopping the floors and wiping off counters and tables. Everyone knows the basics but it’s the little things that can be so important.

I recently rented a home while on vacation. The property was clean overall but when I went to remove a spoon from the silverware drawer the spoon was dirty. It looked like it had been washed in the dish washer, but it didn’t come clean and someone put it back in the drawer. When I found this dirty spoon, I did what everyone would do, I started looking at other spoons and silverware. While I didn’t find another dirty spoon, I became skeptical of the cleaning process the owner used to make sure their property was clean.

It’s important to make sure your property is clean for every guest right down to the spoons. It can be a challenge to get it right every time but if you don’t you could receive a lower rating or lose a potential return customer. If you use a cleaning service it can be a bigger challenge so it’s always good to do a walk through of your property or have someone other than the cleaner do a walk through with a critical eye to make sure everything is clean and ready for your next guest. Don’t let a dirty spoon hurt your ratings or cost you a customer. Remember, in the STR business you need to “sweat the small stuff”.


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