• mrholcomb

Staging Your Rental

Updated: Mar 12

Staging your rental is what can set you apart from other properties. Based on your location and the type of customer you are looking for; you need to stage your property in an attractive way. The furniture, dishes, artwork and paint colors all create an atmosphere that either draws your tenant in or pushes them away.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars staging your property, but you do need to pick a theme and stick to it. The frugal owner can find nice lightly used furniture and artwork to decorate their property. I have personally purchased used furniture for my rentals and saved thousands of dollars.

What I would not recommend is purchasing cheap furniture as it won’t hold up and will need replacing again and again. I also would not skimp on bedding, linens and towels. These are important to the comfort and feel of your rental and can be purchased at many locations for a reasonable price. Beds also need to be comfortable so make sure you don’t go too cheap. A good night’s sleep is the number one priority of most tenants so make sure you don’t shortcut the mattress purchase and whatever you do, don’t buy used mattresses. It’s not worth it.


The feel of your property is what can create an emotional connection with your customers. It’s what can bring them back again and again.


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