• mrholcomb

It’s a Great Time to Invest!

With the recent drop in the stock market it probably sounds a little crazy to say “It’s a Great Time to Invest” but what I’m talking about is your rental property. Now might be a great time to do some maintenance, upgrades and deep cleaning of your property.

If you are like many vacation rental owners, you have seen several cancellations. Most of our properties are vacant right now so we are taking this opportunity to do some spring cleaning, maintenance and upgrades that we have needed to do when we had the time and openings in our schedule.

When you are in your rentals on a regular basis it’s easy to miss some maintenance and cleaning issues. Weather you do your own cleaning and maintenance, or you hire it out, we are all creatures of habit, so we do the same routine each time we turn our property over for the next guests. Every now and then it’s important to walk your property with a critical eye and take care of the little things that need to be addressed.

We recently did a deep cleaning and review of one of our properties and found a few things that needed to be addressed. We also took care of a few upgrades we had planned but didn’t have time for last year. Getting these done refreshed and improved the property and prepared it for the coming summer season. While we could sit around wondering when this pandemic will end, we can also use the time to improve our properties and be ready for when it ends.

When all of this is over, people are going to be looking for an escape and this is an opportunity for you to offer them a distraction from what we all have been dealing with. So, if you have some openings in your rental schedule and a little time on your hands, now might be “A Great Time to Invest” in some deep cleaning, maintenance or upgrades that you have been putting off. Remember, the vacationers and short-term renters will be looking again soon, so you need to have your property stand out from others and be ready to offer a great experience.


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