• mrholcomb

Less is More

I recently purchased a property that was already setup as a vacation rental property. While it was getting some good rental income, there were several comments about how dated and cluttered it was. There were knickknacks setting on many of the counters and tables along with dated furniture and old artwork on the walls. The first impression of the property was not what you want for your guests.

Here is a picture of the space before we decluttered and updated the space:

Here is a picture of the space after we removed much of the décor and updated some of the furniture:

As you can see by the before and after pictures just decluttering and updating some of the furniture and artwork made a BIG difference. We replaced the dining room table and chairs, barstools, and added a new piece of artwork. The furniture was all used furniture we found locally so it cost a fraction of the cost of new furniture. The artwork was found at a local home store. We also painted the dining area to clean up the walls.

Cleaning up, decluttering and updating an area can make all the difference. This is especially true of the living and dining areas as these are normally the areas a tenant sees when they first walk into a property. The first impression sets the stage for the entire space so it should be clean, simple and current. We will talk about the other areas in a later blog as they could also need some work but if everything needs updating your priority should be on the first impression areas. Also remember that when it comes to decorating an area “less is more”.


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