• mrholcomb

When the Dust Settles

Updated: Apr 4

As everyone knows, the Coronavirus has consumed and impacted all our lives. We have had several cancellations at our properties just like many of you, but I’m confident people will be back once this pandemic is over. However, there will be a new normal once we are back in business. We all have heightened sensitivity to things like social distancing, hand washing, cleaning and sanitation so it’s important for hosts to start planning now for how we will change our cleaning and sanitation process at our rental properties.

Since the beginning of our journey into short-term and vacation rentals, we have taken the cleaning and sanitation of our properties seriously. The main reason for this was to make sure none of our tenants found anything dirty or unkept, but the reasons behind this are changing. Now they will want to know that our properties are clean and sanitized to reduce the risk of contracting a viral or bacterial infection.

While this means potentially using more chemicals, we at Simple Lyfe have been using a product to clean our properties that creates a healthier property and a cleaner planet. We use Norwex products when we clean our properties and we also stock dish cloths and dish towels in our properties for our renters to use during their stay. Norwex cloths have self-purification properties due to their exclusive micro silver agent. This means they only require water to clean surfaces thus reducing the need for harmful chemicals. You can’t purchase these cloths in stores, but we have been selling their products for several years. If you are interested in learning more about these products and/or would like to purchase these products here is a link:

Just like 9/11, the Coronavirus will change the way we live. We as hosts need to plan on how we will step up our cleaning and sanitizing process and now is the time because, “When the Dust Settles” we will all need to make sure our properties are cleaned and sanitized for our guests.


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